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Uncertain times require certain leaders

It’s a crazy world out there, and businesses are having to adapt at an unprecedented pace. Whether it’s hosting a Zoom townhall for 400 leaders on how to be more impactful virtually, running a workshop on optimism, or building your internal pool of accredited performance coaches, we’ve got your back. Our clients love and trust us because we are consistently excellent and massively adaptable.

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The architecture for a coaching culture

Your leadership culture (what your leaders consistently say and do) will be the single biggest factor determining your organisational culture. A successful coaching culture is one where ownership, curiosity, challenge and honesty are the norm. Change is embraced and feedback is consistently pulled (asked for) not pushed onto people.

It begins with what we call ‘the leadership transaction’ - you give me your all to deliver on our vision, and in return I’ll help equip you for whatever it is you want to do next.

If this sounds like a culture you’d like to foster within your organisation, then get in touch. We are experts in bringing this to life.

Our Sweet Spots

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The holistic leader

Workshops and master classes for the full life cycle of leadership, from 1st people manager role through to c-suite responsibility.

Here’s a flavour:

  • Looking in the mirror (it all starts with self-awareness)
  • Dial up your Confidence
  • Think, act and talk more strategically
  • How to have bloody difficult conversations
  • Fantastic presentation skills (virtually and in the room)
  • The GOD principle of inspiring leadership
  • Increase your executive presence
  • How to interview, brilliantly

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Accredited coaching skills

Time and again we hear the same consistent feedback after running an in-house coaching programme – ‘I got so much more than I was ever expecting!’. This is because learning to develop your coaching skills as a leader, combines all the core elements of fantastic communication – emotional intelligence, adaptability, reading others, placing ownership, clarity and focus.

We offer different levels of coaching programmes depending on what a client is hoping to achieve and the accreditation level they aspire to. From Foundations, to the more advanced Leader as Coach, and the specialist field of Team Coaching, we can take delegates to an advanced level in a relatively short period of time.

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Team and 1:1 coaching

The impact of skilled coaching at the most senior levels of an organisation is well documented, and most CEOs and MDs will have worked with a coach. However, by making coaching more affordable, we are passionate about also supporting leaders at the level below, operating in the difficult gap between operations and strategy. This can often yield the biggest shift and return on investment.

Why? Because these are the people who influence and impact the greatest number of people across an organisation.

We are experts in high impact coaching that achieves measurable results and boast an incredible faculty of coaches, all trained and hand-picked by ourselves and coming from a huge variety of backgrounds – medicine, professional sport, financial services, FMCG to name but a few.

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Adaptive communication and personal impact

We got fed up working with profiling tools that use confusing acronyms or colour charts, more often than not providing users with a badge to justify their bias (‘well I do that because I’m red’).

So we built our own.

Leading Energy Profile (LEP) is a simple but incredibly versatile and powerful tool which helps us to understand our thinking bias, and the ways this can impact our behaviour. It incorporates the language of energy and teaches users how to flex their thinking energy to become more adaptable, and achieve a far greater connection with their audience.

The ability to flex and adapt your communication style is a fundamental skill of great leaders and LEP will show you how.

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Our Flexible Operating Model

We offer consultancy support, bespoke solutions and accredited programmes. Whether a full scale programme or 90 min impact workshop, our learning design is always built around three core pillars, we call it creating a MAP:

Mindset + Ability + Practise = Performance

  • We design everything to be time adaptable, from full residential to virtual bite-size
  • Practical application supported by theory. Not the other way around
  • We can provide bespoke evaluation and analysis, or partner with your own approach and systems to offer the most effective ROI solution
  • For our core coaching programmes, we offer both in-house and open options

No role plays – real and live challenges

Live demo’s

E learning

Flexible face to face and virtual delivery

Real life examples and case studies

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