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Case Study: Thwaites

Thwaites is a leading player in the hospitality industry. They are evolving at a rapid rate and therefore required an even greater focus on people development than previously. From this need came the creation of an in-house Leadership and Talent programme.

“The transformation of our senior managers and ‘ah-ha’ moments during the two days was incredible. Not only did we produce coaches we also created coaching traction in the business, which is having a cumulative effect at all levels. Different types of conversations are taking place, lots more developmental discussions and ‘what’ questions emerging from the increasing number of 1:1’s. From our Emerging Leaders talent programme, we have been able to promote two individuals to General Manager positions. Not only this, it has created a buzz around coaching and a genuine desire from others to take part. So much so we now have a waiting list for our next programme! The BCA delivers with warmth, humour and a deep understanding of what works for us. This has led to outstanding results far beyond what we anticipated. Long may our partnership continue.”


The Brief

  • To embed a coaching culture throughout their organisation from top to bottom
  • A senior leader development intervention that would support their rapid evolution and future vision for growth.
  • A coaching framework to support their new Emerging Leaders Talent Programme.

Our Approach

  • Thwaites were clear that they were looking for a development partner to work with who truly understood their vision for development and who ‘got’ their culture. We started with a deep dive to understand them as an organisation, their culture and their vision for the future.
  • We delivered and ran an in-house leadership programme aimed at Senior Leaders who were tasked with driving a brave new coaching culture.
  • A broader open programme was also introduced in parallel for a variety of their people who expressed an interest in taking part. The aim of the open programme was to create internal coaches who were able to coach their emerging leaders on their talent programme.
  • Our Leading Energy Profile (LEP) was embedded as a core part of both programmes. The results of this were so impactful that Thwaites made the decision to accredit several of their own people to enable them to roll LEP out more broadly across their business.

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