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Work with a Leadership coach

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Your leaders, but even better

We're on a mission to make fabulous external leadership coaches accessible and affordable to all businesses at all levels - why should it only be for the chosen few?!

We offer flexible, face:face or virtual coaching packages that work for any business of any size.

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1:1 Coaching

For anyone wanting to get even better, there is really no substitute for the attention, focus, challenge and guidance that you’ll experience working with a coach 1:1. The time spent is about you and nothing else, working with someone who has no angle and no agenda other than helping make you even better.

1:1 coaching is simply the best investment you can make in your career and in yourself.

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High Performance Team Coaching

Our ways of working continue to change dramatically, so the art of effective team coaching has never been more relevant or essential than right now. Whether operating face-to-face, as a hybrid or completely virtual, teams are having to work faster, with more autonomy and more adaptability than ever before.

Whether a virtual session or face:face, the coach will encourage challenging dialogue, build awareness of team dynamics and establish a common purpose. They will then help the team take an honest look at themselves, and surface what needs to be improved, and ways that can be achieved.

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We only hand pick coaches from our own alumni - accredited and assessed by us. They are all active business coaches working with leaders in the corporate world.



We offer coaching bundles that can be used as and when it suits your team, programme or organisation.



To get even better, nothing else comes close to the power of 1:1 attention. This is why we're passionate about making great coaching accessible and affordable to everyone, at any level and in any organisation.

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Coaching that works around you

Our coaching packages are designed to offer you the greatest flexibility possible. Of course we love working face-to-face, but coaching virtually can be every bit as effective, even when it’s with a team. It’s about whatever suits you, your role and your lifestyle best.

Worried about how you’ll fit long sessions into your crazy schedule? Don’t be. Initially you’ll need to invest some time with your coach, but once underway, you may find a 30 min session each week works far better than a 90 minute session each month.

Whatever helps you get even better.

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