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Why Choose The BCA?

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Knowing and doing are not the same!

After a decade of working with leaders at top brands in the UK and Internationally, we believe that in leadership development there is far too much information, and not nearly enough application. With all the neuro and behavioural science, performance psychology, emotional intelligence, mindfulness and so much more, it can get pretty overwhelming!

But it all counts for very little without practical application. Whether you are looking to achieve your accredited coaching credential or to develop your leaders, we cut through the noise and give you the knowledge you need, quickly and simply, to put into practise immediately.

What makes us different



Practical application backed up with theory. Not the other way around



No trainers, only tried and tested business coaches



The BCA is owned and led by two world renowned, award winning, leadership coaches

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We walk the walk

Our faculty only consists of working business coaches with the battle scars to prove it. No nonsense and definitely no fluff, we support learning by sharing real life examples and stories of the good, bad and ugly, drawn from decades of working at the sharp end of every conceivable type of organisation (and there’s not much we haven’t seen!).

Just challenging and practical development centred around the reality of leading within organisations today. Sleeves rolled up, committed and courageous. Just leadership.

What our clients think

Of course we’re going to tell you we’re great, this is our website! But here’s a snippet of feedback taken from the last 1,000 delegates we’ve worked with:


94% rated the Programme
as excellent


100% would recommend
the programme to others


96% said they had new skills they were
confident in implementing immediately

Don’t just take our
word for it

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Ticking boxes, or committed to measurable change?

If it’s the latter then we’d love to talk. It doesn’t always make us popular, but we push back on as much work as we accept, because we won’t commit to anything where we don’t believe we can make a measurable difference. Are you wanting to help and support your leaders but not sure how? We’ll work with you to create something impactful, lasting and that suits your budget.

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