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Case Study: Hope and Homes for Children

Hope and Homes for Children are very simply changing the world for the better. They are the global expert in eliminating a system of care that is destroying the lives of 8 million children confirmed to institutions. They are on a mission to ensure that all of their employees are supported in developing their leadership potential. They have a culture where performance and solutions are genuinely owned and self-awareness is high. They achieve this through coaching.

“Our entire management team have benefited hugely from the BCA's Coaching Programme, and the results have been clear, record breaking performance across all metrics, and significant gains in star engagement - the foundation of productivity and the well-being of any organisation."

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Hope and Homes for Children

The Brief

  • Hope and Homes came to us asking us to support them in their cultural journey and to develop coaching capability in all of their managers.
  • They were clear that they wanted coaching to be part of their culture from the very top of the organisation.

Our Approach

  • We started at the very top, working with their CEO and Leadership team to develop their self-awareness and coaching capability.
  • We then embarked on a two year programme. We rolled out a bespoke coaching programme across their entire management population, equipping them with the skills and confidence to bring coaching into their daily work.
  • Through our evaluation with them, it was evident that their new coaching capability was driving a whole new way of working. Whether observing the Board in reviewing their progress or observing daily 1:1's, coaching is now at the heart of every conversation.

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