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  • 29 March 2022
  • News

Book launch!!!

Our very own Charlie Sampson recently released his first publication, Even Better If, with co-authors Rachel Thornton & Lindsay Kohler.

In an evolving world, how can leaders stay responsive to what employees need and expect from their workplaces? Drawing on insights from influential leaders and experts, and grounded in the science of why we do what we do, Even Better If is a comprehensive and practical guide to building an incredible workplace culture from the inside out.

Read this book to:

• Learn from the real-life stories of leaders at global brands including the BBC, Facebook, Aviva, Ernst & Young, Elsevier and more

• Harness innovative ideas, expert advice and practical models to improve employee performance and engagement across nine key areas

• Find out what communication, HR and leadership development professionals can do to be ‘even better’

• Develop your own coaching style through practical exercises devised by an expert executive coach.

Available now on Amazon!

Even Better If Book Image

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